I have often wondered if my perspective is interesting to others. I like writing, and sometimes write about writing. In this blog, my idea is to post pieces I’ve written about a small thing or even just a key moment, and how that thing or moment may have a bigger meaning.  Sometimes, I express that in a haiku, sometimes longer pieces of poetry, and sometimes it will be in just creative nonfiction.

I drew my own little icon or logo out of an idea to visualize my plan. The hourglass image is in itself often an image for the female body. This one has one last grain of sand in it. The magnifying glass has the cross in the handle, which also is a play on the symbol for females of a circle with a cross below, as opposed to the male image of a circle with an arrow at an angle above. I want the single grain of sand in the hourglass to be the focal point moment and the magnifying glass blows that last minute up.


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