Ten legs in the air,
eight at various angles,
like those of Bruegel’s Icarus, but innocent,
two straight up,
as if purposely mid-somersault.
Nine feet midair,
six upside down, three sideways.
Six beverage bottles midair,
one spilling contents.
Five odd shoes,
four on ground, one midair.
Four hands desperately reaching out for support,
like that of Bruegel’s Icarus, but innocent.
Three cellphones,
two recording images, one midair.
Three “Solidarity” signs bearing red fist, raised.
Two “Black Lives Matter” signs.
Two pairs of glasses, midair.
Two STOP signs.
One “LOVE” sign.
One fist, white, raised.
One head, white, inches above the ground.
Seven point four billion pairs of eyes on America.


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